The Opportunity

Dr. Ziv Haskal of the University of Virginia Health System saw potential in VR technology as an innovative teaching tool that could be utilized to educate trainees and provide further insights to physicians. “With this approach,” he said, “doctors are simply going to be able to do things better.”

The Solution

By breaking down one of Haskal’s procedures into a comprehensive step-by-step real-time lesson, Greenfish Labs set forth to break ground in the virtual reality landscape yet again. 

The Result

Greenfish Labs produced a step-by-step instructional experience that walked viewers through one of Dr. Haskal’s more complicated procedures - an “Interventional Radiology Heptathlon.” Strategic use of picture-in-picture lets the viewer see both what Dr. Haskal is doing and what he is seeing. Haskal debuted the experience at the SIR 2018 Scientific Meeting in Los Angeles.