EDUCATION - Penn State University

FAVORITE PROJECT - The Breeders’ Cup “By far the most challenging and rewarding experience because we introduced something completely new. Not only in our own platform but for horse racing. We surrounded ourselves with an outstanding team, all of whom were at the top of their game to produce a hugely successful live 360 broadcast that continues to open new doors of opportunity for Greenfish.”  

WHY XR? - This is an exciting and growing platform where the rulebook is still being written by companies like Greenfish. Traditional media has become saturated to the level of more repetition and less innovation. We have an opportunity to be become contributors to a grand narrative and the story is still just beginning.  

FAVORITE MOVIE - “Superman” First movie I saw as a kid in a theater and still sets a standard for great storytelling.

FAVORITE BOOK - “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers” by Roger Lewis.